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Our software platform and custom development allows your organization a comprehensive set of tools to find new talent and empower employees.

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Fill Openings

Create openings and post them to job boards

Resume Parsing

Automatically turn submitted resumes into searchable candidate records.


Schedule interviews with candidates and hiring managers.

Create Offer Letters

Create and send offer letters for digital signatures.

Why Quantic Infotech

Quantic is a comprehensive, secured and compatible solution for an organization. This is a web based HR management solution.

Why GoSofto
Onboard and empower employees -

Employees are a precious asset. Quantic gives you tools to develop talent and build a strong organization.

Onboard Employees

Get new employees started with an automated process.

Create Policies

Create HR policies and get documents signed.

Track Time

Manage time sheets and track attendance.

Performance Reviews

Administer and save performance reviews

Quantic really helps

Our product is always for you. Quantic can help your business to reach to the next level.

Retail and Ecommerce

Provide an outstanding omnichannel shopping experience.

Real Estate

Manage properties, regulatory approvals, and more.


Automate admissions, and reach a new level of campus management.

Financial Services

Keep tabs on volatile markets, minimize risk, reduce paperwork, and grow profits.


Get qualified HR department & enhance guest experience in your hotel.

Food and Beverage

Automate tasks like production control, quality analysis, and distribution schedule.

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Full-Time Developer

Easy application, fast funding, and effortless payback.

Choose Your Desired One

We have different type of pricing table to choose with your need with reasonable price. Any one you can choose that you need. Continually network virtual strategic theme areas vis-a-vis ubiquitous potentialities. Holisticly negotiate focused e-tailers without premium solutions.

We Accept

20% OFF

Starter Package

  • 100 Ledgers
  • 1 Inventory
  • 100 Parties
  • 100 Invoicing/month

* Renews at ₹12000

8000 Per User / Month
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20% OFF

Basic Package

  • 200 Ledgers
  • 1 Inventory
  • 200 Parties
  • 300 Invoicing/month

* Renews at ₹155,000

93,000 Per User / Month
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30% OFF

Pro Package

  • 300 Ledgers
  • 2 Inventory
  • 500 Parties
  • 500 Invoicing/month

* Renews at ₹348,750

209,250 Per User / Month
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40% OFF

Premium Package

  • 500 Ledgers
  • 3 Inventory
  • 1000 Parties
  • 1000 Invoicing/month

* Renews at ₹542,500

325,500 Per User / Month
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